The apartment is located in Grau, a Valencian neighbourhood adjacent to the harbour of Valencia. Originally Grau ("grao" in Valencian language means "beach for getting on and sailing away") was the oldest village at the coast of Valencia. Like other villages such as Canyamelar and Cabañal it has become part of the city of Valencia. As the coast of Valencia originates from former villages, low-rise buildings and characteristic houses dominate the shore of Valencia, instead of high-rise buildings or hotels.

When you walk down the street in front of the apartment, you will reach the harbour of Valencia within a few minutes. Harbour, beach, Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias and the former river Turia can all be reached on foot.


Walking to
harbour: < 5 min
beach: < 10 min
Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias: 15 min
former river Turia: 15 min


Valencia has a friendly system of city bikes, "Valenbisi".
A station of Valenbisi is located close to the apartment.


Public transport
Close to the apartment you can find both a tram stop (Francisco Cubells) and subway station (Maritim Serrería). From the subway station you will reach the historical city centre within 10 minutes. Valencia has an excellent network of city buses. Several stops are located close to the apartment.


The apartment is connected with the airport of Valencia through a direct subway line.


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